Saturday, July 21, 2007

No stamping today...

I have been so lazy today and have done no stamping at all. Pretty sad considering I have the weekend off. Oh well, I caught up on my DVR recordings and read a ton of blogs! Hopefully that will mean that I will have lots of inspiration for tomorrow. :)

Tonight, Adam and I decided to run to Hy-Vee and get some steaks for the grill for supper. Adam ended up buying a "cowboy"cut steak that was $25.50 -- the thing was probably 3 inches thick and weighed over 2 pounds! I could have dropped over dead right at the meat counter! But, I composed myself and thought, "Well, it's not like I haven't ever wasted $25 on scrapping/stamping supplies...." LOL! And PS -- to his credit, the steak was really really good.

Well, I'm off to hit the sack for tonight, hopefully I will get tons done tomorrow :)

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