Friday, August 3, 2007

Bat Update

Bat Update (1st day of August, 2007):

0530 hours
I was awakened by my wife to claims of a bat-like presence in the kitchen.

0545 hours
I actually got out of bed, as I could no longer pretend to sleep through the yelling.

0550 hours
Sure enough, there is a bat flying around the kitchen.

0555 hours
I retrieve fishing net from basement.

0557 hours
Upon returning to the kitchen, net in hand, the bat retreated to the bathroom.

0558 hours
Discover bat hanging from shower curtain in bathroom, I catch bat in net, bat flies back out of net. Bat launches aerial assault at my head, succeeds in causing me to the drop net.

0600 hours
I retrieve net and track bat back into kitchen where I make a last stand against the bat’s incursion into my kitchen.

0605 hours
I capture bat in fishing net. Bat begins chirping loudly. I smack bat against refrigerator. Bat stops chirping.

0610 hours
“Treaty of Chapin” is signed between bat and homeowner. Bat is subsequently released back into the wild. (Yes it was still alive and capable of flying away)

This just cracks me up! This is an email that Adam sent out to all the guys he works with to update him on the status of the bat (we also had a bat in our basement a couple months back). He is so freakin' hilarous don't you think? Heheehehe :)


Pearlann66 said...

so funny!
although I did wince at the line about smacking bat into fridge!

good luck staying bat free!

Dawn said...

rofl! Glad he got the bat out! I'd be freakin'too!