Sunday, October 11, 2009

{happy halloween!}

Well ever since Keira arrived, I have been finding all sorts of ways to make excuses to take pictures! It's so fun to get different outfits and then scrapbook these pictures. :) And it doesn't hurt that she's so stinkin' cute either.....
My plan is to print some of these out and send them along with Halloween cards to family. I have been.......gasp! Buying cards lately! Aaah! I know, I know.....I have no time any more! Right now I am in the process of re-organizing my scrap room. I have sorted through all my buttons and ribbon and am working on my paper today. Trying to find the stuff I don't use and sell it, so hopefully once I am done with this organization project I can sit down to create a lot easier. I am just trying to make everything more functional so I have access to all my tools.
Of course I have tomorrow off for Columbus day (isn't it great working for the Federal Govt??), so Keira and I are taking a trip to IC to have lunch with one of my friends. A little baby clothes shopping is in store also....she is growing out of everything so fast!

I hope to get some of my pages posted this week that I did in Rockford back in September. They are some of my favorite ones so far. I have finally become comfortable with sewing on my layouts, so I have a feeling that very few won't include it from now on. Good night!

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