Tuesday, May 11, 2010

{seattle/bainbridge island}

I'm blogging today from the Pacific NW -- Bainbridge Island to be exact. Adam has a class out here this week, he's getting certified in fall protection, so I'm just along for the ride. :)  We flew in from Denver on Sunday afternoon to SeaTac airport, and picked up our rental car. We wanted to eat at Mashiko -- I had gotten a recommendation that they have the BEST sushi in Seattle -- but they were closed! And we had to catch the ferry over to Bainbridge. So we ended up eating our first Seattle meal at Mistral Jewel Box. $85 later and we had finished our 4 course Mother's Day brunch. :)  To say the least us Iowans felt a little out of place in our sweatshirts and jeans, but the waiter was very friendly.  The meal started out with currant scones, which were buttery and delicious, served with mascarpone and fig jam. The second course was cured salmon, creme fraiche, greens and a potato cake. DELICIOUS as well. I wish I would have taken pictures, but I didn't want to look like a total tourist. :)  Third course was hangar steak with fingerling potatoes, homemade ketchup and a poached egg. I can't lie -- the steak was pretty small -- but it was a very good steak. We cut it with a butter knife. For dessert we had some type of a raspberry granita over a mousse with cardamom meringue on top. Now this dining experience was completely outside our comfort zone, but an experience I won't soon forget :)

The photo above is from the ferry on our way over to Bainbridge. We drove on (and they charged us $26 freaking dollars), then we went up to the main deck to take some pictures. I think the air out here is just so much fresher than in Iowa! The saltwater smell takes me back to being a kid and visiting Northern CA on family vacations.

We're staying at the Best Western on BI, and the hotel is very nice. Only a couple years old. Our room has a separate living area with a couch, as well as a kitchenette with a fridge and microwave. I have spent quite a bit of time watching TV on the couch and napping.......Adam keeps telling me I need to go out and do something, but I NEVER just get to be lazy and lay around! So that's what I'm doing.

However yesterday, I did visit downtown Bainbridge. I went to Paper Products -- they had a few scrapping supplies but mostly a lot of gifts and office-type stuff. I probably spent an hour browsing in there. I also visited a book store, kitchen gift shop, and yarn shop. A lot of neat stuff to look at, but pretty spendy!!

For lunch yesterday, I picked Adam up and we ate at Bainbridge Thai -- it was very good.  The pad Thai was delicious, and we had a great view of the harbor. Service was great too.

Last night we ate at Island Grill - I had salmon and Adam had halibut. It was very good. Fresh seafood tastes so much better out here!! 
Now these.........I just could not stomach. I ate one and that was it! Oyster shooters, it just freaked me out! Adam ate the other 3. More power to him!! :)

Tonight I'm hoping to talk Adam into eating at the Silver City Brewing Company -- looks like they have great beer and food.

No oyster shooters for me though.

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