Saturday, July 17, 2010

{storing your memorabilia}

If you're a sentimental sap like myself, you hate the thought of throwing anything away that has memories attached to it -- cards, newspaper clippings, etc. I can't stand to throw away cards -- especially if they have a personal message written on the inside! Not all of this stuff is suitable for scrapping (nor would I want to scrapbook some of it) so I've come up with a system to store it all for future perusal. :)

While not fancy, I use photo boxes to separate out my memorabilia. Usually you can find these on sale at Hobby Lobby or Michael's for a few dollars apiece. I have mine divided into friends, Adam & me, Keira, family, old photos, and school/work keepsakes.

Here's a look at my family keepsake box:

I have old cards, recipes, bits of my mom's and grandma's handwriting.

Two recipe cards from my Grandma that passed away in 2001.

A funny Rachael Ray card from my's been well known that I've followed Rachael ever since she came out on the Food Network 8 or 9 years ago.

Notes from my Grandma Miller - this one especially makes me laugh because she wrote it on a paper towel. :) I remember spending the night at their house and when we would get up in the morning, Gramps would have already left but would usually leave a note on the kitchen table for us -- most often written on a paper towel.
"Jennifer I send this with loving memories of Grandma's kitchen, when you came to see me - fun, food, smiles and giggles! Ha. Gramps wrote me a love note on this today"
 "Do you remember you liked to cut out designs on my paper towels and napkins"
 I don't really remember that but it's cute anyway! :) These are the kinds of things that I keep because I can't bear to throw them away.

Also I keep obituaries and funeral programs and such -- my grandpa was killed in a semi rollover in 2007 so I kept the newspaper clipping as well. Here's a tip: if you're keeping news clippings, it's better to laminate them so they don't turn yellow.

I also kept all the cards with my Grandpa's handwriting on them...I just love looking at old handwriting. It's like a piece of that person, right there on the paper, even though they are gone now.

I had a lot of memorabilia from Keira's first birthday party that I wanted to save for her, so I decided I would make a new keepsake box just for that purpose.

It's very strange but sometimes I feel more at peace when all my things are organized. :) hehe

I wanted to include bits of things from her party, as well as cards and such.

Here are all the contents of the box.

Her invitation, party hat, noisemaker, temporary tatoos we handed out to the kids there.

The thank you note we sent out, all of her cards, and a list of the gifts she got.

Some Elmo confetti, and a plate and napkin too.

And a balloon. There were many more balloons than this, but I just kept this one because it said "1st birthday" on it.

Someday I hope she can go through this box and have fun looking at everything! I'm not sure yet if I'll do one for every birthday (doubtful), but maybe just some of the special ones. I don't want her to be bogged down with this stuff, but I do think it's important to keep some of it. :)

Hope you have a great day!

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