Sunday, August 8, 2010

{love me a 3-day weekend}

I asked Adam if he could take last Friday off, because I wanted to take the day off as well and head up to Monkey Joes. It's basically a big bouncy house for kids! Although Keira is a bit young for most of it, she did have fun after she warmed up to everything.

This is the toddler area they first I had to get in with her, then she allowed me to put her in by herself for all of about 2 minutes! hehe. It was a little hard for her to keep her balance on these things!

This was the other toddler area, with slides!

I didn't get a picture, but I helped her go down the slide a few times, with daddy catching her at the bottom. Adam said the first time she came down, the look on her face was priceless! Pure fear he said! Once he said "Yay!!!!" and she went down a second time, she loved it. Of course she was tuckered out on the way home! Fell sound asleep in the car.

It was funny too, she kept walking all around, and staring up and pointing at this huge inflatable monkey...hee. :) It was the cutest thing.

Saturday we had a regular smoke-fest at our house....Adam smoked two beef briskets, a chicken and a turkey breast. The briskets and the chicken turned out the best.

But we did end up making turkey club sandwiches out of the meat.....and those turned out good too! Tonight we had BBQ chicken sandwiches and Pioneer Woman's mac and cheese. A very tasty meal! I thought her mac and cheese was good, but I also thought the recipe I usually use was better. :) I'll post it some other time.

I also picked up some fresh peach jam at the farmer's market on Saturday, so I made homemade biscuits this morning and topped them with that.....YUM. Then I used the rest of the jar to make some peach cobbler and had that tonight with vanilla ice cream for dinner.

I'll post the recipe for this tomorrow, as well as the biscuits.

I'm working on some ABC flashcards for Keira that are probably going to take a very long time to finish...

I got these printables from Elle's Studio and I'm planning on making them all then asking my mom to laminate them, since she has a machine! :) I say they are going to take me a very long time, because the animals are going to be cut using my Cricut, and that can get a little tedious! But I'm in no hurry. I can't wait to see them when they're all done though!

I also worked on a baby card, this one will either go to my friend Nikki or to my cousin and his wife who are expecting. I tried to make it as gender-neutral as possible. The elephant stamp is a single stamp that is new in the Stampin' Up catalog called Baby Steps. I used white craft ink and embossing powder for the image.

I haven't decided yet, but this may be one of the cards that we'll make for my class on the 28th.

Well boo, tomorrow's Monday, back to work again! Thanks for stopping by.

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Not to mention the inking on the cricut image :)