Monday, September 13, 2010

{menu plan for 9/12}

I didn't take too many photos this weekend.....but I did have a fun day of shopping on Saturday with my mom and Keira. I found a LOT of good deals at Old Navy and Target on fall and winter clothes for Keira. Got her a cute new "melmo" shirt, as well as a Chiefs shirt! Adam approves :) I also got her some leggings, fleece pants, a new pair of shoes, and this top and this top.

Yesterday was not too exciting as I spent the day cleaning and grocery shopping while Adam and his dad finished repairs out on the deck. The lattice looks awesome; I know Adam took some before pictures so we'll have to post before and after pics to show the improvement :)  I love having the deck now when it's so nice outside, I can put the baby gate up and Keira and I can sit outside and play after supper.

I picked up this rocking dog (hehe) at a children's thrift store over the weekend for only $7! I wanted to get another toy for Keira to play outside with besides her princess ride-on toy and a ball... :) I'm still looking for a little slide for her to play on, but haven't found one yet.

On to this week's menu--

Sunday: Homemade pizza, salad with ranch, grapes
Monday: Grilled chicken, wheat penne with alfredo sauce and broccoli
Tuesday: Beef Burritos, chips and salsa, melon
Wednesday: Chicken stir fry, egg rolls
Thursday: Chicken with gravy and rice, peas, cottage cheese

Hope you have a great week :)

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