Sunday, September 26, 2010

{today we}

Woke up at 8:30.

Had eggs and toast for breakfast and watched Sesame Street and Fresh Beat Band.

Played on our new slide in our pj's.

Wheee! (Keira actually says that, it's kinda cute :)

Got ready and went to eat lunch with my mom. Mmmm, Mexican food. I had a torta (hard to find but oh so good!). Keira had a chicken taco, most of which she threw on the floor. Most times, I leave an extra tip because I know they have to sweep the floors after we leave..... :-s

Drove to The Scrapbook Studio (Keira took a nap on the way). I shopped and Keira tried her best to tear apart the store (much to the shopkeeper's dismay, hehe)

I got these Glimmer Mists.....Primas and more binder rings!

PP artisan elements and oh my........Ali Edwards stamps! Woot!

The Girls Paperie new Halloween and Christmas lines, more PP and Basic Grey papers.

Drove to Old Navy and picked up a new nightgown and cardigan for me, a Halloween tee for Keira.

Drove to Sonic and got cherry limeades and a fry to split......yes Keira even got her own cherry limeade. I win mother of the year for putting it in her sippy......

She yelled loudly, "pop! pop! pop! pop!" as we drove down the road........ not sure if this is a good thing but it's way cute and I'll remember it forever :) Hey, life is too short not to have cherry limeade in your sippy. Plus she belched really loud and it was hilarious.

Went to Scrapaganza to see if there was anything there that I couldn't live without and found these papers:

Echo Park Christmas paper and stickers, Jillibean soup and Sassafrass....

Walked to Fashion Bug and picked up a cute tank top on clearance.

Meanwhile, daddy was doing a little of this at a football game:

And this (sheild your eyes)

:) hehe.

Pretty sure he also drank a lot of beer, ate a lot of BBQ, and almost lost his voice cheering for the Chiefs. But they won!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we drove home and Keira zonked out.

Zzzzzzzzzzz.  Must've been the limeade.

Ate supper and watched some more Nick Junior. Read a few "Melmo" books.

Made burst o lemon muffins:

You can find the recipe on Michelle's blog here. They're delicious! I left out the coconut because I don't care for the texture and they were still delish. Planning on bringing them to work with me in the morning.

Took a bath and went to bed.  Well Keira went to bed. I get to scrap until I fall asleep.... :)

Pretty much a perfect day, I would say.

I have a lot of layouts to share from my time in Rockford, just waiting for some sunlight to get some good photos.



Maranda said...

I didn't see those Ali Edwards stamps when I was there, but I must have them!!! I need to go back anyway since I forgot to get those PP Artisan Elements!

cindyn said...

Glad you found some goodies at the Scrapbooking Studio! I just got a few things there the other day myself!