Tuesday, September 7, 2010

{weekend in photos}

When I first started this blog, my intention was to use it as a place to share my crafts....cards, scrapbook pages, etc. However I've come to realize that it is somewhat of a virtual scrapbook (and did you even know there are websites that allow you to have your blog made into book form? who knew!) As you'll remember, I'm a faithful listener of the single greatest podcast ever, Paperclipping Roundtable, and even though it's a scrapbooking podcast, they talk a lot about other forms of memory keeping such as journaling, art journaling, memorabilia preservation.....and yes - even blogging. Because I don't think the internet is going anywhere. :)

And let's be honest, the reason you scrapbook is to have photos attached with memories. This can take any form! Everything counts.

I love looking back at my blog entries from years past and reading what I was doing then -- what my worries and stresses were, and what I was looking forward to. It's also a good prompt for doing a scrapbook page of something that happened awhile back, sort of like a memory trigger.

Tomorrow is Keira's 16 month birthday, so I'm going to start doing a monthly update of all of her developmental milestones and quirks......because (true confession time) I am quite horrible at keeping the baby book updated. Ooops! :-/

I got this idea from the wonderful Susan Weinroth. I love her blog! Thanks for the great idea Susan :)

Nighty night.

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