Saturday, October 9, 2010

{at 17 months}

You are becoming quite the picky eater at times...but I can always get you to eat fruit and cheese for the most part. :) Oh, and hot dogs. You LOVE hot dogs.

You can point to your eyes, ears, nose, mouth and head.

You are wearing mostly 3T clothes, still some 2T depending on the brand.

You love taking your bath at night. When you hear me filling up the tub you come running, yelling "Baff! Baff! Baff!"

You can point to a lot of things in the books we read....we have a book that you can point to the ball, book, clock, bed, shoes, etc. You can also point out your favorite Sesame Street characters -- Elmo, Big Bird, Grover, Zoe, and Bert & Ernie.

You know what sound a doggie makes. "aaaaah! aaah!" Ok, so it's more like a scream but you get the point. :)

Right now you are really into looking at my scrapbooks. You pull them off the shelf in the living room and flip through them every day.

You love watching Blues Clues. It's one show that you'll sit and watch almost the whole way through.

At bedtime you say, "niii-niii!!" (Night-Night)

You are really enjoying playing outside right now, on the deck with your rocking and riding toys. And you also love your slide.

You call your stuffed animals "beeebeees" (babies) and try to give them bites of your snack, drinks out of your sippy cup and put them down your slide.

You love stickers.

You somehow have still not mastered the word "yes"


I wish I could freeze time and keep you at this age for awhile, because it is just magical.

Love you Keira Nichole ♥

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