Monday, October 11, 2010

{my newest crafting friend}

I heard from a bird that these were on sale at Michaels now for a new price.....$39.99 to be exact! After a few trips and some hunting around, I brought home my new ATG gun with a 40% off coupon and have been loving it ever since.

Previously I have used the Tombo Mono adhesive, but I do find that when I scrap a lot I go through it very quickly and it gets a little pricey. For example, one Tombo adhesive runs $3.99 for 39.3 feet. The ATG refills are $5.99 for a TWO pack of rolls that each have 36 YARDS of adhesive. That's a lot of savings! Even more if you use your 40% off Michaels coupon.

I will say that loading the ATG gun is a little tricky; you do need to pay close attention to the instructions until you get the hang of it. Of course with the longer length of adhesive, you don't need to change the rolls out as often. I've used it now on a card, several scrapbook pages and two minibooks, and the strength of the adhesive is fantastic. Don't be scared away by the size of it (because before you use it, it does look a little large!), I have gotten used to it just fine. Go get yourself one!

Short post tonight because my computer has been giving me fits all day and I'm about to chuck it out the window, but I did make these scones today.

Good lord, these pumpkin scones are DEEEELICIOUS. I can't wait to enjoy one tomorrow with my morning coffee although I may or may not have already enjoyed two today.

The only changes I made were to substitute white chocolate chips for cinnamon chips, and I also only used the spice glaze and omitted the plain glaze. Even so they were still plenty sweet for me, but I'm not one for super super sugary sweet things. So if that's your thang then try both! Adam proclaimed it, "the best thing I've ever made." Which may be an exaggeration, but I think he has a bit of a problem with long term memory. HA. ;)

Hopefully my surgeon will clear me to go back to work on Thursday so I can get out of this house and on with life! Being home once in a while is fine with me on a day off but I don't think I could do it every day! Kudos to you if you're a don't get enough credit :)

Until then I'll be watching this....I've been recording every episode on the DVR and watching it while I'm laid up. Not a new concept to me as I do a lot of my cooking on Sundays anyway, but if you know me at all you will know that I have LOVED Rachael Ray from the start. I started watching her on the Food Network all the way back in 2001. I have all of her cookbooks, her knives, some of her dishes and pots as well. Adam once told me if she wrapped up a turd and gave it to me, I'd be delighted. I think he might be right.

Anyway, don't stage an intervention any time soon (although I do have a few RR magnets on my fridge....hahahaha) and if you're a RR hater I don't want to hear about it!

Nighty night.

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