Monday, November 8, 2010

{at 18 months}

You are getting to be quite the talker! I have lost track of all the words you can say are always asking "what's that?" or exclaiming, "it's a ____!!"

You can recognize some numbers and letters -- 2, 8, and 10; b, o, and s. You have ABC and number flashcards that you love playing with. You have two puzzles, one with 1-10 numbers and one with animals that you can put together all by yourself!

You're eating half a banana for bedtime snack most nights. You call it "baaanaaaa". After your bedtime bottle of milk you usually lay in the crook of my arm and whisper, "niiii niiii". Makes me melt. ♥

You love to go 'bye-bye'. When you find out we're going somewhere, you get your coat and shoes and bring them to either daddy or me. Then you run around shouting "bye!!!! bye!! bye!!!" before we leave.

You can recognize and say daddy "daahheee", mommy "maahhee", grandpa "papa", grandma "maamaa" and Hunter "Haaaahher". Although sometimes you call me daddy. I'll look past it for now. :)

You love to hear me sing the ABC song, you call it "Beee Ceees", and you clap at the end. It's too cute.

Whenever you want something that we're eating you shout, "bite! bite!"

I think you might eat almost anything if it's dipped in ketchup.

Your hair is getting longer but we haven't got it cut yet. I would LOVE to put it in a ponytail or barrette, but you are not too keen on leaving those in....! ;)

You are in love with stickers "duckers", putting them on me....daddy...your shirt.....the toilet seat....the kitchen know.

Even though it's getting cooler you still love being outside. You're getting good at steps now too and can climb up and down the ones on our deck all by yourself.

You're pretty good at eating with a fork now, although you still need help at times. You like trying to eat applesauce or yogurt out of a bowl with a spoon too, though that's a little messier!

You are more than everything I ever hoped for; you are my biggest blessing. I love you, Keira.

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