Tuesday, November 30, 2010

{it's almost here!}

....December that is. I can hardly believe it! It feels like just a short while ago we were celebrating our first Christmas with Keira.....and while I don't think she totally 'gets' it yet, I think she'll have a lot of fun opening all her gifts. She's getting a baby doll with a bottle (and it cries!), a toy shopping cart, a Sesame Street story reader, and a princess tent. She should be all set! I can't wait to see her with this little baby doll. It's going to be so freakin' cute. :)

This weekend I hauled up all four (yes, four, how did we get four??) Christmas trees from the basement and got to work decorating them.

Adam did not help, however, Keira did try to put a little string cheese on the tree.

I do need to get some pictures taken of the tree at night, but I'm saving that for my December Daily ;)

I did these stockings last year with all our names on them....of course using scrapping supplies...hehe.

All in all, decorating for Christmas is kind of a royal pain in the ass, but SO worth it once it's all done. Don't you think?

Keira even helped to put the first gift under the tree....too cute.

These are a few of my favorite ornaments. I used to decorate my tree with a theme....for example, all purple or something like that. Now we have so many miscellaneous ornaments that I like it better just doing a mish-mash of everything! I don't care if it's magazine worthy or not. ;) I'm a sentimental sap though. Just our ornaments and a few gold and silver balls, that's about it. And I humored Adam and got colored lights this year. He insists that's all he had as a child and they're WAY more fun. lol.

We had a good lazy day on Sunday....along with decorating the tree I got my cooking done for the week.....along with some banana nut muffins. And this cranberry white cheddar is fantastic! I actually got it at Aldi of all places. :)

I made ham noodle casserole for supper. This is comfort food to me because it reminds me of being a little girl...my mom would make it for us. Along with crescent rolls. Basically it is egg noodles, ham and peas; make a white sauce and add Velveeta. Mix it all up and bake it. yum! Adam likes it very well too, and so does Keira! My mom never used to put peas in it, but I do once in awhile if I have some in the freezer to use up.

 I made apple crisp for dessert....along with some homemade whipped cream. YUM. I've never made homemade whipped cream before, but I can say I'll be making it again! Easy and a lot better than cool whip ;)

Come back tomorrow for a Christmas themed layout....hope you have a good night. We got our first snow of the season today, just a little dusting. Enough to remind us that winter's finally coming!

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