Wednesday, December 8, 2010

{at 19 months}

You are obsessed with everything "baby". If you see a picture of a baby, a baby on TV, or when we're out somewhere, you exclaim, "it's a beeeeeeeebeeeeeeeeee!!! beebee! beeebeee!" [you are getting a baby doll for Christmas]

Just had your 18 month checkup and shots; you are 26 pounds and in the 95th percentile for height. Wonder where you get that from? :) You were way more upset by the physical exam than the shots themself.

Your favorite food right now is any kind of pasta. You're not liking to eat much meat right now either. You do like cereal, fruit and cheese still, though!

You love fruit snacks and when you want one, you come into the kitchen and yell, "nack! nack!"

You can recognize about 18-20 letters of the alphabet, and most numbers from 1-10.

You did very well on our long car trip to Missouri for Thanksgiving, with a little help from a portable DVD player and Dora. You even slept all by yourself on the sofa bed in the motel room!

You love playing in my scraproom on the floor while I work. Some nights this is how we wind down before bed. You love pulling all the bottles of paint out of the basket and lining them up on my filing cabinet....sorting markers, playing with stickers.....coloring with crayons, taking caps off spritz bottles and putting them back on, pushing buttons on the radio.

You are trying to learn how to sing....'Row row row your boat' usually ends up coming out ♫boat, boat, boat, boat, boat♫

You are getting a lot better at enunciating your words, you can say "mommy" clearly now, and in fact, that is what I hear most nights when you're getting tired....."mommymommymommymommymommy!!!" You are also pretty good at saying Hunter -- "Huhter".

You yell, "done!" when you're finished with dinner.

If something is broken or torn you say, "it's boke!" (broke). Sometimes when something is "boke" you also say it's "acky".

You are quite willing to help me around the kitchen! You love to throw things in the trash when I ask you to, or put towels back in the drawer for me.

You keep me young Keira! Dancing and singing in the kitchen along with you and Elmo was not something I saw myself doing a few years ago, but I love every minute.

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