Tuesday, December 21, 2010

{is this a food blog?}

Haha. kidding. But really, the only hobby I love more than scrapping is cooking. And eating. That's a hobby right?

I do have about 4 or 5 layouts to share....have them photographed but just haven't edited them yet. Seems I probably won't be getting to that this week either as a certain holiday is approaching fast! I still have a few things yet to do, a few little gifts to purchase and grocery shopping to do. Hopefully I can relax a little next week as I've taken a few day's off before New Year's.

One of my favorite parts of the season is getting together with family and trying out new recipes....as well as old ones that are tried and true. Here's what I'm contributing this year:

Sweet Potato Casserole - I made a few changes to this recipe, adding 1/2 cup brown sugar and topping it with marshmallows
Pickle Wrap dip & crackers (cream cheese, sour cream, pickles & ham)
Cream cheese dip with Mick's pepper jelly (picked that up while in Seattle this year!)
Pumpkin cheesecake

Mashed potato casserole
Corn casserole
French Silk Pie
Cheeseball & crackers (recipe from Cook's Country magazine)
Buffalo chicken dip (we serve with tortilla chips and Chicken in a Biskit crackers)

Veggie and cheese bagel sandwiches
Potato soup
Chocolate mint brownies (my mom's recipe...they are sooo good!)

That should keep me busy. I see a common theme here, and it's cream cheese. No big surprise there!

Have a Merry Christmas if I don't see you again 'til next week!

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Cate O'Malley said...

Mmm, I make a similar Buffalo Chicken Dip. Not a big fan of buffalo wings, but just thinking about that dip makes my mouth water - yum!