Saturday, December 4, 2010

{let it snow}

Today was our first *real* snow....I would say maybe an inch or so here in town? And dangit, if I didn't have to go to that blasted place we call Walgreens and pick up a prescription, I could have stayed in my jammies all day. :) Until tonight that is. My sister and I are headed to a choir performance that my mom is singing in. It should be fun and it reminds me of my days in choir/show choir in high school. Sometimes I think I should join up with her and start singing again, but I do believe one more thing right now and my overflowing plate would overflow even more! Maybe someday. :)

Today I'm making Italian delicious and I need to make it more often. It's one of Adam's favorite meals. We put the beef on hoagies and then top with provolone and stick them under the broiler. Yum. Not sure if Keira will enjoy it, but we do have beefaroni as a back up plan.

Today is December 4th and guess what? I am actually up to date on my December Daily! Ask me in a week and we'll see where this goes.....but for now it's caught up. Here it's 5pm though, so I need to wait until tomorrow to get some decent photos. Hopefully the sun will come out and cooperate. One thing I did do was journal my thoughts right on the pages on the day it was happening, that way I didn't have to reach back into my mind and remember details. I'm sort of bad at that. I did try to take a photo each day (missed one though) and saved the file on my computer with the date so I knew which picture to put on which page.

Day 1.

Day 2.

Day 4. Love doing the journaling right on the photo. Did this in Picasa. 'first snow' font is Lobster, free from

Pictures of the actual album tomorrow. Have a great night!

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