Wednesday, December 15, 2010


  • I need to get my Christmas cards done. Bad. They may be a little late! Maybe next year I should do New Year's cards?
  • I want to make these chicken and dumplings, cranberry bliss bars, and this chicken chili.
  • Today I have crock pot ham and beans waiting at home for us, + cornbread to go with it.
  • Holiday baking extravaganza this Sunday with my mom and sister. So excited! Recipes and photos to follow next week. Peanut butter balls, peppermint bark, sponge candy, caramels and more on the menu.
  • I have about 3 or 4 Christmas gifts left to purchase. I still have a mountain of gifts to wrap. Funny that when I was a kid, that was the most exciting part, now I think it's chore. :)
  • All this holiday baking + eating has had me thinking a lot about new year's resolutions. I'm usually not one to set any, because they usually end up forgotten and not followed through on. After reading Women, Food and God, I am really anti-diet. But I know that I need to make a more conscious effort to eat healthier. Not only for myself, but to set a good example for Adam and Keira. Plus I want to feel better, and I want my pants to fit. Maybe the goal will be: 'eat more plants. eat less processed food'
  • I would really like to get back into using our elliptical that we bought 1+ year ago! Sad to say, I haven't had a regimen since before we took our trip to Seattle (in May). I know I have to have a realistic goal to follow through on. I listened to this author's interview on the radio one day, regarding the positive benefits of exercise. Though I'm not sure I would be able to work out 6 days a week, 45 minutes a day like they recommend, I need to start somewhere. Being away from home 11 hrs a day isn't condusive to wanting to exercise at the end of the day....but I would like to try!
  • I want to order this stamp set + coordinating dies that Melissa Phillips helped design. So cute, I think I would love anything she had a hand in.
  • So excited to go to a Friday night crop this week with my friend Stephanie. I think I'll bring my sewing machine, even if I look a fool. I just can't scrap without it :)

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