Wednesday, December 29, 2010


We had a greeeat Christmas here, but I'm glad it's over! 3 days of cooking, playing, driving, running....I'm beat. And on vacation til after New Year's. Hooray!

Keira got a baby doll

that she was pretty excited about....not so excited when it starts crying though.... ;)

She's trying to be a good mama.

we had a wonderful Christmas morning at home....Keira got the baby doll, along with a princess tent, grocery cart, and elmo story reader. adam got a golf GPS from me, and he got me a kindle!

keira's trying out the new cart.

trying to get one good shot under the tree....!

hunter enjoying his new, I mean :)

Keira got another baby doll!

putting together a puzzle with daddy

 One last christmas celebration with family on the new old navy pj's.
So thankful for all the blessings and time spent with family....but I'm ready for the new year!

Back later with a page and news from Elle's Studio :)

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