Saturday, January 15, 2011

{at 20 months}

You got your first haircut! I thought you were going to do fine...until the cape came out or the comb hit your hair...not sure which. Either way you sat through the rest on my lap.  Not much to cut off but now you have cute little bangs!

You are very into saying whose things are whose. "that's mommy's" or "that's daddy's" is heard a lot around here. So is "it's mine". :)

You are learning how to sing more and more. Recently you're in love with listening to Old McDonald Had a Farm in the car....over and over and over. You also like hearing the ABC song and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

You can identify all your numbers 1-10 and most of the alphabet. You can count to two...sometimes three, but get stuck after that :)

You are not *too* much of a picky eater, although you're pretty leery of trying new foods. I can usually get you to try at least anything. You still love pasta and chicken nuggets, and you've been eating yogurt or PB&J for a bedtime snack.

The amount of information you retain blows my mind. Sometimes you'll ask "what's that?" only once and then remember it later on.

You are so cheerful when you get up in the mornings...even when I have to wake you up early to go to Grandma's house.

You love to talk on the phone...either a toy phone or our real cell phones. You will often bring me my phone and say "Tissen? Tissen?" That means you want to call Kristen. So I let you and you usually end up hanging up on her on accident.

You still love reading books and doing puzzles together.

You give the best hugs with your little arms...and the best sloppy kisses too. :)

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