Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Apparently it is possible to run out of space on Blogger for posting photos.....who knew? But considering I've had this blog since 2007 and I just ran out of space, that's a pretty good deal I would say. So I bought some more storage and here I am....happily able to post 20 gigs of photos per year. Hehe.

And as you can see, Keira happily tested the peanut butter cookie dough that she 'helped' me make this weekend. ;) I love that she's getting old enough to where she can understand instructions....sometimes I will have her stand at the stove with me (while it's off of course) and she will put potato cubes or carrot sticks into a pot of water. She loves it. I love the smile she gets on her face after I praise her with, "Good job! Thank you!". It's so cute.

I am conscious that I am  instilling a sense of confidence in her...even at this young age. And she is such an eager little helper, sometimes helping me put clean washcloths and towels in a drawer, or throwing away paper towels and scraps of paper for me. Obviously this helpfulness will elude me at some point, so I'm trying to appreciate it while I can :)

Even if there's a little mess to be made. In this case it was cookie dough all over the face, hands, pants, shirt, chair and floor. Nothing a little Tide and Pine-Sol won't take care of though :)

Keira and I were knocked out cold yesterday by a little stomach flu, but everything seems to be much better today and we're on the mend. Stay tuned next week for 'Meet our design team week' at Elle's Studio -- I'll be sharing photos of my scraproom, as well as my Valentine project. Can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with too!

I also got in on this fun little Valentine project going on at Michelle's blog.....so watch for my creation there as well :)

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