Wednesday, February 9, 2011

{at 21 months}


cookie = tahkie

raisin = yaysin

fruit snack = nack

blankie = bahkie

chicken = ticken

bath = baff

crying = tying

dora = dohda! boots!

what does a truck say? = boom boom! (vroom vroom)

demanding to listen to old mcdonald = I-O! I-O!

unsatisfied = moooore! moooooore!

a scrape or scratch = it's a owie!

kiss on the owie = all bedder.

thank you = dee doo

you're welcome = delcome

broken = it's boke!

i love you = i yudd oooo

We love you too baby girl. You are quite the little chatterbox and bring us more joy than we could have imagined :)

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