Wednesday, February 2, 2011

{snow day + a winner}

Um, yeah. There's a lot of snow. Nom nom nom. That's me eating my words about how I didn't think this was going to be a big deal! Haha. I guess we haven't had a good blizzard in Iowa for about 25 years or so, so it's probably long overdue ;)

Out in front of our house, there were quite a few cars that got stuck. Why would you try to drive through 2 feet of snow with a car anyway? Who knows.

I would say these drifts are 3-4 feet high. Craziness. Of course I had to go dig out a little spot for Hunter to go to the fun!

Here's how Keira does it on a snow day.

Lately she has been demanding to watch Giggle Bellies movies on Youtube. They are kind of cute and catchy...there's an ABC one, wheels on the bus, old mcdonald...etc. I think they have a DVD out also, I might have to check that out.

Anyway....we have a winner for the bright and girly giveaway, courtesy of
Maranda said...
Very cute! Just like everything else you make! ;)
I think I know how to get a hold of you :) And thanks for the compliment!

I'll be working on some new things today too, thanks to the insane amount of snow...we're not going anywhere!

Stay tuned for some new items in my Etsy shop within the next week or so....and another giveaway.

Stay warm and send someone with a shovel for God's sake!

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