Friday, February 11, 2011

{this weekend}

Going out for pizza tonight at Happy Joe's with family. A local favorite. Pricy pizza, but nothing compares!

Making Valentine sugar 'tahkies' with mom and sis might stop by too.....

for some lemon chicken. Um, helllllllo goodness. Adam doesn't care for it, but he can eat a turkey sandwich ;)

Oh and making this frosting for the 'tahkies'.

Finishing up my first tutorial for the Elle's Studio blog. I have a few ideas swirling around in my head and aren't sure which direction to take yet....but I'll be narrowing it down and taking photos of my process.

Mopping the kitchen floor....however this is much lower on the priority list than all of the above.

Looking forward to Famous Dave's on Sunday with Adam. Yum yum bbq.

Probably taking a trip to Michaels for this punch, this punch, and these cute sacks Christine used for Valentines. Every time I look at her projects I am floored, just floored. They are beautiful.

Making strawberry cake for my co-workers on Monday.

Working on a few cards and layouts to submit for publication....I am excited and hopeful that I'll get one or a few picked!

Hope you have a fun weekend planned, or get a chance to relax. Happy Friday!

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