Monday, March 7, 2011

{i want to remember}

I want to remember how right now, I am in awe of how bright you are. You are learning and retaining more every day. At 22 months, you can recognize all your letters....a stack of picture flashcards...and your numbers one through 13. You are learning your, puhpuw, yeddow, boo, white, back. We are so proud of you.

I want to remember the fun you have in the bathtub every night. Playing with your foam letters, the shampoo bottles, a plastic cup. You can entertain yourself with anything. I want to remember how you hate to have your hair washed but love to wash your "beddy" with your own washcloth.

I want to remember the silky softness of your hair, how it curls into ringlets in the back after it dries. Your cute little toes and fingers, your sticky hands and face. Those baby-soft round cheeks....your cute little baby teeth. Your skinned knees from taking're a risk taker for sure. You love to climb and run.

I want to remember how cute you are now that you have mastered eating with a fork and spoon...scooping applesauce, yogurt or macaroni into your mouth with a look of concentration on your face. Each bite a victory of your coordination...even if a little usually ends up on the front of you.

I want to remember your sloppy kisses...."tiss! tiss!" means you want to give us a kiss, or you have a owie that needs kissed. I want to remember your little arms wrapped around my neck in an impromptu hug. Simply the best feeling ever.

I want to remember how much your Daddy adores you. He is patient with you, loves reading to you and helping fix your toys when they are broken. I want to remember how he tells you that he loves you, tickles you until you laugh soo hard, and tells you 'good job!' and how pretty you are.

I want to remember you waking up in the morning or from a nap...crazy tangled hair and soft warm cheeks.You saying that you're 'stuck' in your crib....needing to get your 'baby' before we go anywhere.

I want to remember your pure joy and excitement when I pick you up at the end of a work day. I want to remember your excited cries of 'Mommy!!! Mommy!!!' and the expression of happiness on your face. It makes everything worth it.

I want to remember every little bit. Because someday your life will be filled with sports and cars and friends and boys and anything but your uncool old mom and dad.

But I can't remember what my life was like without you, sweet Keira. I love you.

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meganklauer said...

What a cutie! Love all those little memories!