Sunday, March 6, 2011

{tv's, organizing, and a card}

Well, my role as Adam's wife has been replaced by this.

I spent two hours in Best Buy yesterday with Adam who needed to buy a new TV. Our old one had crapped out, which we spent $2,000 for just four short years ago. Why don't they make things like they used to?? Well, whatever. I remember my grandparents having a console Zenith TV for about twenty years....that never broke.


Now that I have endured those moments of hell with a toddler who desperately needed a nap, I have decided to reward myself today with a day in my scraproom.... plus lots of cheese and crackers and Starburst and Diet Coke. ;)

Yesterday morning I spent awhile reorganizng, and it feels awesome to have everything in a better place than it was before.

I switched around the location of my Cricut and Big Shot....I use my Big Shot much more than I do my Cricut, and I wanted it to be more accessible.

I gathered up some of my newer embellishments....along with some I found while reorganizing that were long forgotten(!)...and put them in this little box. See those little puffies?? Yes! I picked myself up about 4 packs on Friday at my LSS....yay. They are too cute and I can't wait to use some on a page.

I am submitting some projects to the current Paper Crafts call...they are working on the Sept/Oct issue so Halloween is in order. I gathered all my Halloween supplies together and put them in a snap top case for easy access.

I also reorganized my bookcase, putting all my stamp sets on one shelf. Before I had them split into two shelves and it definitely took up more room than necessary. On the top shelf I organized my embossing powders, glitter, glimmer mists, and the two metal bins hold embellishments, tags, rubons, etc.

I also organized my patterned paper onto one shelf. I tend to sort it out by manufacturer, as this is how I can find it the easiest. I also have a large organizer with tone on tone paper sorted out by colors...polka dotted, plain, striped, etc.

I have a card to share with you today...I've been working on some entries for the Paper Crafts Stamping Royalty contest, and this is one that didn't make the cut:

I will agree that it's a pretty card, but it didn't turn out like I envisioned so I won't be sending it in. :) Instead I decided to send it to Adam's grandma along with some pictures of Keira. She is in a nursing home so any little bit of mail brightens her day.

I plan on sharing some layouts this week. Have a good rest of the weekend!

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Kerry said...

man this room looks like a ball! maybe someday when i grow up i can have one too :)