Sunday, May 8, 2011

{you are two}

Happy Birthday Keira!

Right now:

You weigh 29 lbs and wear 3T-4T clothes.

You must have socks on when going to bed. You like your jacket and shoes removed immediately when getting into the house :)

You can count to 15 and say your ABC's.

You know all your colors - wed, boo, yeddow, dween, puhpuw, owange, back, bown...oh and white - you can say that one correctly :)

You are learning how to sing - Twinkle Twinkle, Old McDonald, Monkeys on the Bed, ABCs and Wheels on the Bus are your favorites.

Still take at least one nap each day, sometimes two depending on how early you get up.

Love your chicken nuggets - "ticken", and pizza. You also like macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, and almost any kind of fruit, especially grapes and blueberries - "beddies".

You like to "help" mommy in the kitchen. You will pull up a chair to the counter and watch as I'm cooking.

You love watching your Dora "dohda" and Word World "shark" DVDs before bedtime.

You love to be outside, playing with your toys, or at the park and get very upset when it's time to come back in.

You love to color - "tolor" - and play with stickers.

You are going to daycare three days a week and still learning how to share... ;)

You are such a little sponge and love to read and learn. I cannot wait until next year when you get to start preschool. I know you will be in your element.

You are bright, fun, smart, loving and the most beautiful daughter we ever could have asked for.

And you're the best Mother's day present I've ever received :)

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