Tuesday, August 9, 2011

{still here!}

Yep, it's me! I'm still here ;) Had computer problems for what seems like forrrrrrever, but things seem to be working smoothly again! I just wanted to pop in tonight and share a quick layout I made for Amy Heller's Scrap Your Scraps challenge over on her blog.

I really love this challenge because I can't throw away little bits of paper and I save them all up in a pile so I can make more things with them ;)

I am kinda loving the My Little Pony obsession. It's cute ;) And she really does line them up on the coffee table like that. So funny!

I've got to get to bed after the day I had today at work - phew! Be back tomorrow with some more projects to share.


Amy Heller said...

Jen, this is SOOO cute!! My daughter used to be obsessed with my little ponies too- at one point she had over 100!! Yikes, love how you use your scraps, it's darling! Thanks fir playing!

glorygirl said...

So cute! My daughter loved hers so much (5 years ago) she is saving them for her kids one day....and still gets them out to play with every once in awhile :-)

Kat said...

wow!!! fab layout!! i really love what you did with all your scraps!