Monday, January 30, 2012

{more PL}

I'm back today with another couple pages of project life ;)  I am finding that I really love this project, but I have yet to get into the "groove" of it. It's still taking me awhile to finish each page but I think with time I'll get quicker. I used one of Shelley's flair buttons on this page - check out her shop here. She has the cutest badges ever!

I think one thing I definitely need to do is get all of my labels and cards and little embellishments together in a bin so I can pull it out whenever I want to work on this. Here I've used some SC sticky notes, also some sticky notes from Cavallini and Co, as well as some SC kraft stars and my new JBS tab punch. Love it.

Here's another button from the Camera Flair set. I'm loving the SC wood veneer shapes for this project too.

I also think I need a larger collection of washi tape. But by seeing what's coming out after CHA I don't think I'll have a problem with that!

The next page was about back to work after New Years weekend. I used some Crate Paper, SC, mist and thickers.

I also included some thank you notes we'd gotten from Christmas.

Instagram and my iPhone is a lifesaver for this project. Otherwise I don't think I would have any pictures. lol.

Are you doing Project Life? What's your biggest challenge? I'll take any tips I can get :)

And here's the newest addition to my scraproom. Actually I've had it for awhile but finally brought it over from the old house. Adam's aunt Karen gave it to me awhile back because I wanted to use it for my scrapping but I just hadn't had time to look for any replacement ribbon! I went to staples yesterday and they had the correct ribbon, but it was on the wrong size bobbin. So I rewound it on the original and voila. Typewriter. Woot!


Diana Waite said...

I am doing it! And I agree my phone and instagram are live safers (wasn't using those last year really--it's made a HUGE difference!) I was struggling with being organized but I bought a tray from Ikea last week and will be using it this week--I know it will help to have EVERYTHING I want to use in one place! Chin up--this will be a treasure in the future!

Katie Cavanaugh said...

I am so jealous of your typewriter!! Clever idea to rewind the bobbin...

AJ said...

oh man- LOVE your PL pages! I haven't had much time yet this year, so it's all basic photos/journaling cards still!! Ditto on the phone- that's my PL camera now!!