Friday, April 27, 2012

{week in the life - friday}

Today was a busy busy day! We got a late start this morning thanks to me oversleeping by half an hour ;) Work was very busy too so not too many photos.
Breakfast at work, hashbrowns with cheese & some bacon.

I found this for my boss, she was always saying how we needed one of these in the office!

I never want to cook on Friday night. Stopped for tacos after I picked Keira up. She eats chicken tacos plain, no cheese or lettuce. I always have to tell them that 5 times before they get the order right ;)

After we got home and ate, Keira played with her ponies for awhile....oh the pony obsession!

Keira's favorite activity book right now.

After her bath, Keira ate her grapes and watched cartoons in Daddy's recliner.

Grocery list/meal plan for this past week.

I keep all Keira's artwork on the side of the fridge.

Hunter was being extra rowdy tonight.

Sat down to check out the Hy-Vee ad while Keira finished her snack.

I wanna say cheese, mommy!

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Kerry said...

Okay Jennifer, you've inspired me to do this. I'm sure you have grand crazy ambitious ideas that will be beautiful scrapbook pages. Fyi, there will be none of that here ;) I'll be lucky to get it in the form of a blog. I think the kids will get a kick out of it someday. I seriously just love this idea, thanks for sharing!