Saturday, April 28, 2012

{week in the life - saturday}

It's Saturday! Keira loves it when I make her toaster waffles...she is typically not a big breakfast eater so anything I can get in her is fine by me.

When she woke up this morning she insisted upon getting dressed right away and this was the *outfit* she chose.....pants and a dress. It's way too cold for a dress right now but I humored her and let her wear it til we left ;)

I mixed up half a batch of pancakes and burned the first two because I was checking facebook on my phone.

My binder where I keep all my recipes. I have a cooking magazine addiction you see.... ;)

Adam got up late and since there was no pancake batter left I made him eggs with bacon & toast. (now I am realizing that I cooked 3 breakfasts....oops!)

Keira likes to dig through my scrapping supplies and find things to play with.

"practicing" her letters

Catching up on a little bit of scrapping before getting in the shower.

We had decided last week that today we would take Keira up to the museum to see a dinosaur exhibit. While we were getting ready to go she says, "look mommy! I spelled my name! k-e-i-a!" Ok so she forgot the R but I would say that's pretty good for 2 ;)

Before going to the museum we stopped for lunch at Red Robin.

This was actually Keira's 2nd time at the dinosaur exhibit; she got to go once before with grandma & grandpa, but was a little scared that time. This time she wasn't scared at all.

Heading back to the car.

At the gift shop, Keira picked out a dinosaur book and magnets. We also picked out a stuffed dinosaur for new little brother.

Made some broccoli cheese soup for supper. Have been craving it!

We had some limbs fall down in the back from the wind the other night so Adam was outside cleaning that up. Then I looked up and noticed he was fishing on the bank :) He didn't catch anything though. No bait to be had! It's too cold.

Then I'm eating my soup, look up and notice that Keira has somehow wedged herself into her doll bed.

Like the good mother I am, I rushed and got the camera before I helped her out :) haha!

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