Thursday, April 26, 2012

{week in the life - thursday}

First thing in the morning the laundry and I meet again.

Keira is in a good mood this morning :)

She decides her puppy needs to sit on the potty.

Packing Adam's lunch, which he left on the counter and forgot to take to work. Lol.

Out the door at 6:45.

Heading to grandma's.

Waiting for the bus.

23 weeks! Glad it's Thursday because that means tomorrow's Friday ;)

Off work at 4:30.

Keira plays while I make dinner.

Homemade pizzas with veggies and ranch.

We were all tired tonight so instead of playing outside after supper Keira did an art project.

Adam watched the NFL draft. He was tired tonight too after getting lumber after work to finish Keira's playset in the back yard.

Keira took an early bath.

Trying to clean up my scrap table a little bit before bed :)

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