Monday, May 21, 2012

{watercolor inspiration}

Watercolor dots is my inspiration for today's layout (source for above photo). I decided to get out my mists and get a little artsy!

I started out with a large piece of neutral cardstock. To get the watercolor look, I poured out a little mist then used a paintbrush and a dish of water to paint dots on the background. I used blue and yellow, but by the time I was done more of them were green ;)

I used patterned papers from the Oh Happy Day collection for this layout. 

Thanks for stopping by today! Hope you'll try this fun technique soon.

Jennifer Chapin 2012 GCD Studios DT, Jennifer Chapin 2012 GCD Studios Layout Gal

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

{to my sweet girl on her 3rd birthday}

Dear Keira,

Today you are three! I can hardly believe it. This is the first birthday that you've really understood what having a birthday is all about. Your daddy and I woke you up this morning with a happy birthday song and birthday hugs - you were SO excited. All you could keep talking about is, "It's my birfday! I'm free now! I'm not two anymore! I'm a big kid now!" Never mind the fact that you had talked for weeks about finally going potty on the potty when you're three....yes we still need to work on that ;)

It doesn't seem that long ago that your dad picked me up from work and we rushed to the hospital, not knowing whether we would get sent home. Turns out, for a first baby you were born pretty quickly after only 12 hours of labor! The unexpected part is that you were pretty sick when you came out. We didn't get to hold you and you were rushed straight to a NICU bed. I felt so empty, a failure even though rationally I knew it wasn't my fault. Instead of happiness those first few days were filled with a lot of worry and crying.

You were so perfect. Perfect round head and tiny nose. Cute little fingers and toes and just a bit of blonde hair. Big blue eyes. The nurses always commented on how beautiful you were and even how you almost would show a hint of a smile from even the first few days. Unfortunately we wouldn't get to take you home for almost 3 weeks. You were a stubborn little thing and just couldn't make it without your oxygen on. We were helpless and the days were filled with driving to and from Iowa City, worry, fitful sleep and sitting with you in the hospital.

Finally we took you home, a week after your due date ;) Although I wasn't prepared for the lack of sleep that comes with a newborn, you were a good baby. Mostly happy and content and slept well in your crib. Unfortunately there are a few months that I wish I could remember more clearly, but due to PPD I had a tough time. I am so sorry that I missed out but I want you to know that I always loved you and took good care of you....even when I wasn't taking good care of myself.

With that behind us I really feel like I could finally get into the groove of being a good mama. You were such a smart baby from early on....learning your ABCs and colors and numbers before I knew it. You loved to play outside and watch your cartoons on Nick Jr. Despite your rough start, you've only had one ear infection and that's the sickest you've ever been! I am so grateful for that.

You love to play at the park, you love your My Little Ponies and you are quite dramatic at times. You're a little sassy sometimes and it makes your daddy and I pull our hair out, but at the same time I am thankful for your tenacity. You have the prettiest blue eyes and curly blonde hair. You talk non stop and love to sing. You have such good manners, always remembering to say please, thank you, I'm sorry and you're welcome. You make us so proud to call you our daughter. I know you are one smart cookie and I can't wait to see the girl and young woman you grow into. You are the light of your grandparent's lives and no one can resist your infectious laugh and smile.

In a few short months you're also going to be a big sister! I know you are going to be a big help and you're very excited. I also know that you're going to be a bit bossy to him :)

We love you so much and are so thankful that our lives are blessed with you. Happy birthday baby girl!


Monday, May 7, 2012

{a flair for buttons}

I have an obsession lately, and it's called Chevron Sherbet Flair. I've used one on almost every page, lol :) I thought I would share a few layouts I've done using {a flair for buttons}!

I made this layout about Keira and her latest trip to the dentist. To my surprise she climbed right up in that chair and opened her mouth wide ;)

And finally I get to scrap some boy pages! This one uses Bella Blvd's new Baby Boy line.

This one is a page about how Keira always wants to watch a movie....and popcorn never hurts either!

If you haven't checked out Shelley's shop yet, these are a few others that are my faves: Hawkeye Flair, Bright and Sunny, and Word Flair.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

{celebrating motherhood}

Happy almost Mother's Day to all the moms out there! Today I'm sharing a "then and now" layout with you about my mom and me. I've always wanted to make a page like this so when Heidi was handing the assignments out I made sure I signed up for this one! I used an old photo of my mom and me when I was a few weeks old, as well as a more current photo.

For this page, I used my die cutting machine to cut a pattern of circles out of cream colored cardstock, then filled in some of the negative space with punched circles. I used patterned papers from Oh Happy Day, Splendor and Country Charm.

I really think it's true - you don't fully appreciate the hard work and sacrifice your own mother made for you you until you become a mom yourself. I hope you'll document this on one of your own pages soon! Happy mom's day :)

Jennifer Chapin 2012 GCD Studios DT, Jennifer Chapin 2012 GCD Studios Layout Gal

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

{may issue of the paper cut}

You can view the issue HERE. This issue is great!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

{week in the life - sunday}

For breakfast, made Adam a ham & cheese omelet.

I had peanut butter & jelly toast with my coffee. Keira wanted me to play with her, but I told her I needed to eat first because her baby brother in my tummy was hungry. She says, mom! That's silly! Babies drink baby bottles. lol ;)

 Adam was going to go golfing but it was too cold and windy.

Keira played a little while Daddy was outside mowing.

Keira's playroom. I just cleaned it a few days ago....

A book that Adam recently ordered.

Some of the shelves in my scraproom.

 Keira got this little planting set from my sister and wanted to plant her lettuce and carrots.

Doing a few chores

Made Keira some lunch and she went down for a nap.

After naptime, Keira and I went to town to run some errands. Get gas, Walgreens to pick up meds, then to Penney's for a haircut.

Also found a few more baby boy clothes to add to our small collection!

Went to HyVee to get groceries. It was raining!

Went home and made supper - pancakes and bacon.

Keira likes to play with my stethoscope....she calls it a teloscope ;)

 Brushing teeth.

Bedtime for Keira.

Making a chocolate pie for desserts this week.

The weekend never lasts long enough!