Tuesday, May 1, 2012

{week in the life - sunday}

For breakfast, made Adam a ham & cheese omelet.

I had peanut butter & jelly toast with my coffee. Keira wanted me to play with her, but I told her I needed to eat first because her baby brother in my tummy was hungry. She says, mom! That's silly! Babies drink baby bottles. lol ;)

 Adam was going to go golfing but it was too cold and windy.

Keira played a little while Daddy was outside mowing.

Keira's playroom. I just cleaned it a few days ago....

A book that Adam recently ordered.

Some of the shelves in my scraproom.

 Keira got this little planting set from my sister and wanted to plant her lettuce and carrots.

Doing a few chores

Made Keira some lunch and she went down for a nap.

After naptime, Keira and I went to town to run some errands. Get gas, Walgreens to pick up meds, then to Penney's for a haircut.

Also found a few more baby boy clothes to add to our small collection!

Went to HyVee to get groceries. It was raining!

Went home and made supper - pancakes and bacon.

Keira likes to play with my stethoscope....she calls it a teloscope ;)

 Brushing teeth.

Bedtime for Keira.

Making a chocolate pie for desserts this week.

The weekend never lasts long enough!

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