Wednesday, July 4, 2012

{project life - my process}

I always enjoy seeing other people's scrapping process - whether it's by photo or video. I had started off the year in January doing project life, but things got busy and I stopped for quite some time. For some reason in June I had the urge to pick it back up again, so here I am! I thought I would share with you the process that I use to keep everything organized and flowing a bit easier.

For my PL, I primarily use Instagram photos. Sometimes I do throw in a 4x6 taken with my regular DSLR. But the iPhone photos are great so I figure why not use them? There's no way I'm hauling my regular camera around everywhere with me ;)

We do not have a Mac computer. However, you can set up iCloud on your PC and have it so that your photos from your phone will automatically populate to a designated folder on your computer. This is how I do it, so I don't even have to physically connect the phone to my computer to select which photos I want to print.

After my photos are printed, I sort them out by date. How do I remember the date they were taken? With this:

It's an app called Momento. I have it set up to pull in all my Facebook and Instagram updates, as well as my blog posts. You can set up Twitter and Flickr on there too. This makes is super easy to go through each date and remember what was going on. In addition to this I pull out my planner from my purse to jog my memory as well.

 As far as printing photos, I have a Canon Selphy compact photo printer that I picked up at Best Buy last year for around $100 (I see Amazon has it now for around $80). This by far has been the BEST investment I've made for my scrapping. I used to print at Walgreens, but I never knew ahead of time which photos I wanted to print and what sizes I needed them. So I would waste a lot of money printing photos that I never even needed. With this I can take a photo, edit it and print it all within the same day without even leaving home which is great. I can't imagine doing PL without it! The one downside I see to it is that you can't print larger than a 4x6, but I rarely use enlargements on my pages anyway and if I do, I will have those printed at the lab.

For Instagram printing, you'll want to make sure you have the border option turned on, otherwise it will cut off part of the picture. You can do one, two or four photos per sheet if you want different sizing options.

To keep track of dates, I use a Smash book. I clip memorabilia and photos in with each week to make it easier once I actually sit down to scrap.

If there is a screenshot or FB status from my phone I want to use I will print it out on my regular printer on smooth white cardstock.

For storing memorabilia I keep a super fancy plastic tub :) I can throw things in here like receipts, mail, letters, etc and then use it as I go.

If there is something I want to remember I go ahead and write it down on a journaling card right away so I don't forget. Then I clip it in with that particular week so I'll have it ready.

I've found the best way to keep track of photos is to put them in a divided page protector. This one is by We R Memory keepers and the pockets are 4"x4". I put sticky notes on the outside with the corresponding dates.

If I find I'm going along with my PL layout and don't need a few of the photos, I put them in my Smash book with the corresponding week rather than throwing them away.

As far as product that I use, the only go-to items are flair from A Flair for Buttons and Elle's Studio tags.

Other than that I have a really fancy system of boxes and totes that I keep my newer product in and tend to pull from that first. ;)

My favorite page protectors for PL are the Becky Higgins Style A pages - but I use the 4x4 We R Memory Keepers and a few other sizes as well. The good thing is that they will all fit in a 12x12 D-Ring album just fine.

As I lay out my photos I get a good idea of what is going to fit where and where I will place my memorabilia.

Some days don't have photos and that's fine. For example one Friday  I noticed that I didn't have any status updates or Instagram photos that day. So I printed off the movie poster for the movie Adam and I rented that night. Other days I have way too many photos and I'm totally fine with that too. I don't dedicate page spreads for particular weeks and just keep going until I run out of room and start a new page.

So here's the first page that covers Monday-Weds. I included a print out of an email exchange that Adam and I had, as well as a card from my Rhogam injection and part of a take out menu. The 4x6 pockets at the top are open so I used a binder clip to keep the paper inside as it was a little bulky.

I use a lot of Washi tape too, as well as small labels from Jillibean Soup and October Afternoon.

More flair, Elle's Studio tags and miscellaneous scraps I had lying around.

And here's the back of the layout - Thursday through Saturday. Sunday didn't fit so oh well, that will be on the next page. I do usually have a lot more photos from the weekend anyway. On this page I included a letter from my OB, as well as the movie poster printout and a screen shot from my iPhone of what Keira has been listening to in the car lately.

The funny thing is, that I don't usually pay attention to how each particular pocket is coordinating with the rest of them and somehow it all turns out fine ;)

Another thing I use quite frequently are the Studio Calico wood veneers. Love them and they aren't too bulky.

And that's pretty much it! Let me know if you have specific questions. I hope you're inspired to start or continue your own project life after reading this :)


Kerry said...

Even though I don't scrap myself I find it intriguing to see your process and the thought that goes into your system. Mark my words, one of these days (when we're in a bigger place) I'm going to come down and go through scrapping bootcamp with you so you can help me get this party started!

stefani said...

I liked reading about your process. I will most definitely have to check out that photo printer and that app sounds awesome. Thanks for the info on those.

Diana Waite said...

this is FUN--I'm going to look at momenta

em said...

Your PL is awesome! Momento is like the only thing that saves me...I forget everything else otherwise!!

Shelley Haganman said...

Thank you so much for sharing your process. I hope to start my PL this Summer! I have a PC too so what app do you use to upload instagram photos to your computer?