Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Organizing your Project Life Page Protectors

So organization is really not my strong suit. Procrastination, however, I get like an A++ in that. At any rate I was tired of my page protectors lying in a pile on my scraproom floor getting all bent up. It was also annoying to try and find the ones I needed. One night I sat on the floor with a glass of wine and all my pages and got to work. I picked up this Heidi Swapp album at Michaels and love it so.

Basically this is a very sophisticated method involving Post It notes. At first I thought about doing card stock dividers, but I wanted to be able to see all the different pockets. I separated my pages out into piles and started loading them into the book, smaller ones on top.

If there was a picture of the pocket configuration on the packaging, I cut that out and adhered it to the Post It note. I also put the letter of the design on there for reordering purposes.

I am so glad I did this. I no longer dread sifting through that humongous pile of page protectors and praying I have one left of the one I want. It's so easy for me to go in and grab the page I need.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you try this too. If you post pics, link me up in the comments!


sweet3blue / Lara said...

Thank you for sharing this idea :)

Ryan E Reid said...

What a great idea!! I am totally going to do this, thanks for sharing:)

jadscrapper said...

I did this last night and it's so much easier to find what you need. Thanks for giving me the incentive!

Emily Webster said...

Ok, this is genius! And I have a 12x12 album that would be perfect for this. Thanks!