Monday, August 10, 2015

Sharing my Scrapbook Space - Crate Paper

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Hello and welcome to my scrap space tour! I share an office with my husband, so while I don't have   quite as much space as I would like, I am glad to have a place to call my own and store all my supplies. The other bonus is that my desk sits in front of a large window that overlooks our front yard, so I get lots of natural light! I can also see the UPS truck coming down the driveway to deliver my goodies :)

On my desk, I keep my tool caddy as well as a few bowls and bins of supplies that I need to keep close - adhesive, date stamps, pens, etc. I also keep my sewing machine on my desk and use it on just about every layout. The sewing machine was a gift from my grandma and was purchased in the 1980s - it's a Viking Husqvarna.

The tool caddy on my desk is actually a mason jar holder that I bought at Typo. The sections are large enough to hold scissors, staplers, inks, mists and other tools. You can also see a peek of one of my typewriters here in the top right corner -- I have 7 total! Yes it is sort of an addiction of mine :)

On the opposite side of my room I have two large shelving units that hold tools and other supplies. I keep my monthly Project Life kits in these plastic bins so that I can quickly pull out which season of cards or embellishments I need.

My bulletin board holds lots of odds and ends -- mini books I've created, flair buttons, quotes, embellishments, cards and dies. I know I can stick something up here and not lose it. Beneath, I have a small table that holds my clear stamps and a large colander where I store memorabilia for Project Life.

Speaking of stamps, I have kind of an obsession. I keep all my clear stamps in this plastic bin I found at Ikea. Most are stored in clear pockets, but as you can see I have run out for the time being. I like that they are all in envelopes that are the same size, it makes it easy to flip through and find what I need!

I keep my 6x6 paper pads in this small bin I found in the dollar section at Target. Storing them this way means I can quickly flip through to find the one I need.

I also have a Raskog cart from Ikea which I store mostly PL supplies on. The top holds all my miscellaneous cards, sorted out by color and theme. The biggest challenge about storing them this way is keeping my 2 year old out of them!

Next, I am going to share a bit about how I organize and keep my collections from Crate Paper. I have always organized my supplies by manufacturer, as things are easier for me to find this way. I tend to remember supplies by which line they are in and this helps me quickly locate what I am looking for.

I always keep collections together in a large Ziploc bag. I order them from Amazon in large quantities to always have them on hand. Usually I will store the papers in one bag and the large flat embellishments and letter stickers in another. If the collection is small enough, sometimes everything can fit in one bag.

I keep all my collections in a plastic milk crate. No, it's not fancy but I keep it on the floor right under my desk and can always find what I need by flipping through the bags. I do this with other manufacturers also!

When I first get a collection, I always like to take all the embellishments out of the packages so that I can get a good look at everything. To organize the tiny pieces, I have these small clear bins from the dollar spot at Target. I sort everything out so that I can quickly use them on projects. This is the new Wonder collection - isn't it gorgeous?

For small flat embellishments, I keep them together on a metal ring. I store lots of embellishments like this -- including enamel dots and smaller word stickers. I love that you can keep like-embellishments together and hang them up on a bulletin board if needed.

For the larger embellishment pieces, I like to keep them in these clear reusable zipper pouches. They are much sturdier than Ziploc bags, and they open wide so it's easy to dump the contents out and replace them after finding the piece you need.

I often keep boxes to store my supplies in - this was a shallow sturdy box that some shampoo came in from the salon. The two divided trays fit in here perfectly with the rest of the supplies from this collection. Now whenever I want to work with it, I can just pull this box out along with my papers and get to work!

I hope you have enjoyed this small tour of my simple space -- have a great day!

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Evi said...

Looks great!!! What brand clear pockets do you use for your stamps? And what size are they? Thanks for sharing your space.